Scientific Coordination Centre

Based on a modified conceptual model of HL (Figure 1) in which social, environmental, situational, and personal determinants are emphasized. The DFG research group (“HELICAP”) will investigate HL in ECAP through six different subprojects.

This scientific coordination project will establish a management structure, composed of a Scientific Coordinating Centre (SCC), a Steering Committee (SC), a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), a Public Health Board (PHB), and a Parents Board (PB).

The working program of the SCC encompasses three major tasks:

  1. facilitating stakeholder participation (involving SAB and PHB, creation of PB), and
  2. synthesis of findings from all research projects and derivation of hypotheses for the second funding phase.

HELICAP Workshops,meetings with SAB, PHB, and PB and early researcher colloquia will ensure that space is continuously provided for ongoing scientific discourse.


[1]Sørensen K , Van den Broucke S, Fullam J, et al. Health literacy and public health: a systematic review and integration of definitions and models. BMC Public Health, 2012. 12: p. 80.